Space Food Sticks get an upgrade

Written by Jessica Thompson on Friday, 09 March 2012.

Space Food Sticks get an upgrade


Forget Space Food Sticks, soon you could be nibbling on a Take-Off Tortilla and sipping on a Cosmic Cocktail as you coast through constellations. Last week during the National Science and Engineering Week 2012 a new variety of possible space foods was unveiled.

The issue of food in space is of growing importance for the space tourism industry as Virgin Galactic begins to test fly its crafts in California.

Practical considerations include the balancedness of the diet for the long-haul flights, the ability to grow food whilst in space, the need to keep weight down to a minimum (to reduce transportation costs), the need to increase flavouring and the desire to avoid gassy foods (gas will not rise to the top in zero-gravity, thus any gaseous bodily evacuations are somewhat more 'complicated').

On the gastronaut tasting menu:

- Mars Breakfast Bar


- Amoon Bouche - a very pungent cheese eflecting the fact that in space, tastebuds are dulled enough to require flavour amplication

- Take-Off Tortilla - bread was judged too dangerous for space, due to the possibility of crumbs floating in zero-gravity and clogging up vital filters

- Pot Roast A Pollo - a sensational Pot Noodle version of a Sunday roast, freeze-dried using Nasa-created technology

- Supersonic Salad - consists entirely of crops classed as Micro-Ecological Life Support System - foods which can be grown in space, whilst also being nutrient-rich

- Ice cream - created using rice milk, allowing it to be grown it in space

- Chewbacca Gum - chewing gum containing natural antibacterials like oregano oil and lemongrass, together with mint flavouring


- A Cosmic Cocktail drink - based on spirulina, a microalgae identified as a primary food to be cultivated during long-haul space flights due to its high protein content and provision of all essential amino acids



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