Day three NYC

Written by Maxine Thompson on Thursday, 24 March 2011.

Day three NYC


I’d read a lot of reviews about ‘The Smile’ café and most of them were true. Trendy, fashionable, full of good-looking people, average coffee, service and good reasonable priced food.


I loved it. Maybe it was the respite from the rain/sleet/snow outside or the mega babe that walked in with my dream Celine camel trench coat or the inch thick ricotta on my breakfast but I give it two every enthusiastic thumbs up, although be aware that the staff with look you up and down and up and down again and spend more time talking between themselves and their friends who hang out there than serve you, but hey, it’s a nice place to be left to potter about in your own thoughts or get some work done.

For breakfast, I had multi-grain toast with ricotta, cherry tomatoes and sea salt ($7). It should have read ricotta with a side of multi-grain toast and cherry tomatoes. Not that I am complaining, seeing my teeth marks in the ricotta is just the way I like it.



Lauren had the oatmeal with plums and blackberries ($9). So warm and tasty!


breakfast party

Then it was time to brave the elements and see some sights!

We ventured to the Empire State Building and Times Square today (I did take lots of photos but somehow managed to delete them off the card and my camera while I was uploading them! A big highlight (for Lauren mainly) was the M&M store. I never knew you could make so much M&M paraphernalia- 4 floors of everything and anything to do with M&M’s. I enjoyed trying the pretzel flavour- the perfect balance of salty and chocolately goodness!

Rainy Times Square

M&M shop!

When we arrived home at half 7, freezing and covered in snow we didn’t want to venture too far for dinner, and as inexperienced snow walkers (deathly slippery footpath) we discovered a Chinese restaurant ‘Red Hen’, 2 blocks from the warmth and safety of home. We ate duck wonton soup, which was delicious and warm and light, steam pork buns and eggplant in garlic with a serve of brown rice. I’m generally not the biggest fan of Chinese food, and while this didn’t blow my socks off it was still very tasty, enjoyable and reasonably priced, but I don’t think I’ll be going back there in a hurry.

jazz foot central on the walk to dinner!