24/7 Sprinkles: The Cupcake Vending Machine

Written by Jessica Thompson on Thursday, 22 March 2012.

24/7 Sprinkles: The Cupcake Vending Machine


Just what 2 of the world's most obese nations need most: 24hr cupcake vending machines.

The Beverly Hills vending machine, with its anime-faced candy-pink facade has apparently had every sweet tooth and their dog crowding 50-deep around it demanding up to 1,000 cupcakes a day. It will soon have siblings soon in NYC and the UK, feeding the Western world with much needed extra calories. 

As per any ATM, you customise your request, press a few buttons, swipe your card... and a robotic arm delivers your sweet treat. They also apparently don't limit themselves just to cupcakes, but also dispense cupcake mixes, cupcakes for dogs (it is in LA), and apparel.

This is the Huffington Post's video demonstation: 

In terms of vending machines that deliver bakery goods, we still favour the Parisian Baguette Vending Machine.